What were the Scary Outside Podcasts?

Prior to creating this more personalized website, I spent a year creating podcasts under the name Scary Outside. 

The Scary Outside podcasts begain in October 2019 and the last episode was released a year later in October 2020.

The idea of the Scary Outside podcasts was to have a mixture of different comedy podcast shows featuring different characters created by myself..

They evolved from two very scripted shows at the beginning, to become a very unscripted afair, where I would record the shows adlib.

The Scary Outside podcasts contained different types of shows, including:

  • Me Me Me Magazine – This was a satire of a women’s fashion magazine, including fashion tips, unrealistic crazy stories, fake adverts and an Agony Aunt.  7 Episodes, each with their own cover, were created as well as a special one-off PDF.
  • Two Old Men – This show was a fictional comedy about two old men (as well as 2 other guests) who record a podcast in their shed.  13 episodes were created.
  • Brian’s Neighbourhood Watch – This was a show that came late to the podcast, replacing Me Me Me Magazine.  5 Episodes were created in total.  This was about a guy who would spy on his neighbours. It allowed me to try new characters and voices, as well as trying to create sketch based comedy for the first time.

Are the Scary Outside Podcasts still available?

Yes, you can find them all at the following link: https://scary-outside.pinecast.co
or by searching for SCary Outside Podcast on your favourite podcasting platform (Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, etc..)

Scary Outside Podcasts – Episode Artwork

Yes, it’s true, stop the press!

I have a new comedy book, that has jsut been published.  Now, it’s my first book published and didn’t take me a lot of effort, but you should still buy it! 

Quotes of an unwise man comedy book

Quotes of an Unwise Man

Advice and Sayings That Will Never Help You in Life

What is it about? – Who knows! But, here is a description thingy-bob:

This book is page after page of confusing, strange and sometimes funny quotes, sayings and advice that will probably and most definetly never help you in life.

On every page there is a quote from our unwise man (basically me) that even though may sound impressive, it actually means absolutely nothing.

Why not read one a day and annoy your family and colleagues at work with them? You could also read all of the funny quotes all in one go!
Or just buy it and and burn it you keep yourself warm in a kind of ‘posh-bum’ way.

*Due to the ebook format limitations of not being able to display the quotes seperately on each page in the lovely font that I found all by myself., I strongly recommend you get the physical book. Wink! Wink!


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