Comedian, Writer, Actorsiôn llewelyn comedian writer and podcaster

Siôn Llewelyn is all and none of those.

“Siôn made me laugh”
-someone said that once.

Siôn is a creative person, that grew up in Wales and has also lived in Spain.  Bred on a mixture of too much time being imaginative with his action figures and Lego as a child and watching strange comedies on TV as a lazy teenager.


Comedy Artist

Siôn has always enjoyed making other people laugh, whether it was the slapstick comedy from junior school with the typical “Look, I’ve fallen over as I was walking out of the classroom” act, or the innapropriate comment that was funny at the time to me in a job interview.

Comedy is subjective, and as the writer of this bio, I subjectively say Siôn’s humour is… <insert polite adjective here>.

Siôn started to take his ‘blend’ of comedy into the wider world in 2019 through the  his first set of podcasts, which Siôn published under the Scary Outside name with the idea of keeping annoynmois.  However, Siôn now wants to bring all of his projects under his own name.

In 2021, Siôn is about to begin a whole new adventure in comedy…


Siôn has always enjoyed writing, writing songs and silly poems, but never really explored it until recently.First, by creating the Scary Outside podcasts and more recently, in 2021, starting on his current project of comedy web series and social media videos.   In 2020, Siôn released his first physical book, ‘Quotes on an Unwise Man’.  Although the book is more or less a collection of silly and occasionally funny quotes that Siôn thought up in his head one rainy day, it has inspired Siôn to look further into writing books.

He also writes all his own material, from podcasts, to jokes, to a new series of comedy videos that Siôn has started working on in 2021.