I create weekly videos and photos using a variety of strange and plain weird characters, which you can follow by following me on the social networks.

I’m also planning some mini-web series with longer videos later in 2022, which I will be revealed on all platforms.

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I’ve also started to write books, my first dive into this world was with:

Quotes of an Unwise Manquotes of an unwise man comedy book

Advice and Sayings That Will Never Help You in Life

It’s not the comedy book you have been waiting for nor the one that you want!

This book is page after page of confusing, strange and sometimes funny quotes, sayings and advice that will probably and most definitely never help you in life.

On every page there is a quote from our unwise man (basically me) that even though may sound impressive, it actually means absolutely nothing.

Why not read one a day and annoy your family and colleagues at work with them? You could also read all of the funny quotes all in one go!
Or just buy it and and burn it you keep yourself warm in a kind of ‘posh-bum’ way.

Buy the book now! – You’ll regret it!


(Please note that the ebook version contains less pages and without the lovely little font that I found for the quotes, apparently due to the ebook format limitations or something like that, so I recommend the physical version  – It’ll also be an interesting conversation piece for boring parties)

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As well as a pleasure, I’d love to work on this full-time, Any donations or subscriptions will help me achieve this dream, thanks



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